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Hi my loyal readers ❤ Here is a quick post showing you an adorable outfit from Kyoot called Scarlett. My hair is from Chemistry and skin is from Amitomo. My eyes are from Ikon.




Cirque de Seraphim – ASPCA charity event


Hey guys! I know I’ve sorta been m.i.a. lately but I just wanted to do a quick post of some of the fun things that you can get now at the Cirque De Serephim event going on now in SL on 2 full sims. All of the props in these photos including the pose I’m on can be found at the event. The tent and circus cart behind me are from Boogers, the hoops, pins, barrels make-up kit and vanity are from Second Spaces and my pose with balloon props are from Sari-Sari. My outfit is the new Raine dress from {Lil Big Me}



CdS sim 1:
CdS sim 2:

Comfortable Frumpiness and Woodland Treasures

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Well the Fall-Winter weather is finally hiting here in Oregon, slowly but surely, and with it my mood has just changed in to wanting to snuggle up in all the warm blankets and just drink hot coffee and do nothing at all other than watch some of my favorite shows that are in season. Eric did manage to pull me out from my pile of blankets to the Woodland Treasures Gacha Event and wow was I in for a treat when i got there. There are SOOOO many nice things this round you guys! I’m highlighting some of my favorites but there is a lot that I still love but didn’t have time to include everything. Also Lil Big Me has come out with this perfect Wooly Winter outfit that fit my mood. I’ve been wearing it ever since it came out and don’t have plans to take it off anytime soon. It is literally a dress I could (and pretty much do) live in. It comes with these boots that are great for the days I need to jump in a few puddles.

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Behind me is the NACH Craft table and chairs set from the woodland gacha. There is also the rare craft tray and several crafts that Nancy actually included shadow maps to so that you can make your own and truly make a custom and one of a kind craft to either keep and display or give to a loved one.


She really did an amazing job and you can tell she put a lot of thought in to this set! The crafts come with finished examples as well for those that don’t want to bother with any editing software or if you just want to use it for rp purposes. (The finished displays are what are in these photos) I plan to make a few of my own custom crafts as gifts before thanksgiving and got some extras to give to friends so they can make their own too!



Next we have the Haute Toddee Family Fun Night Gacha items. I didn’t get the entire set and I did ad a couple of my own odds and ends, all the seat cushions, storybooks, tv and remote, and cookies with hot cocoa can be won in the HT gacha machine. the sketchbook with crayons is from the BAMSE gacha and the family pillow is from the fiasco gacha, both at Woodland.


Another awesome find at woodland are these pancakes from Paper Flowers. I love them so much and they are almost too pretty to eat! These are just the pancakes I was able to get but there are at least twice as many more that you can get. The breakfast in bed trays are rare. I plan to spoil my momma some day soon with breakfast-for-dinner in bed 😀


Another one of my favorite finds is the Family Who? game from Winter Raven. This is such a good idea and spin off the old classic rl game of “guess who?” which I used to play for endless hours with my rl younger brother. This sl version allows you to put your own pictures in the game boards (which I did). I hope you guys will go check out all the rest of the items at the woodland gacha. I really wanted to include about twice as many items as I did in this post, but I just couldn’t find the time.


Admit One

Admit One

Well I finally got myself moved in rl. Well sort of. My new place is still mostly filled with boxes that need unpacked. I went nearly an entire week without any internet to speak of. I am pretty sure I never want to do that again LOL. I am excited to get back in to the swing of blogging and maybe even some creating as well. I put together a simple and easy outfit to start with. Its a mix and matched outfit from several different creators. My Clutch that I’m holding is going to be a [tea.s] charity item at the Cirque de Seraphim event starting next week in SL. It a benefit for the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Those who know me well prevention of cruelty to animals is a subject very near and dear to my heart for personal reasons. So I hope you all will take the time and go see all the great items the creators for the event are coming up with when it opens. I’ll be sure to post the slurl when it does. My Jacket and shirt are from Snips & Snails, perfect for the cooler fall/winter weather upon us. I spiced up my color pallet with these hot pink leggings from [ smallfry ] and boots from !Pudding Pop. I’m certain these are going to be my favorite boots for the rest of fall and on in to winter until the snow is so thick that I need something with more treads. They come with the adorable Nessie Outfit. My hair is Lala from Truth, not new but super super cute! My eyes are from Ikon and skin is from Amitomo. My shades are from -Mesh Magix-, I just tinted them to match! I made my pose myself (one of these days I’ll actually find time to box them up and sell them o.O) I hope you guys like this look as much as I do!

Tricky Treats Gacha Event


Hi guys, I wanted to do another quick post in here about the Tricky Treats Gacha Event that is happening now. I’m really liking so many of the things that I’ve seen. One of my favorites is this doll from Buglets, she even comes with a hud to change her hair and skin color so you can make her look however you want to! She comes in several different dress colors too! I was lucky enough to get the one I wanted on the first try! Its only 25L to play, you can’t beat that.
The sweatshirt I’m wearing is from the Two By Sea gacha. Its really nicely textured and is easily matched with my capris from one of my new Sonnet outfits on my MP Store.
My nail polish is from the Turducken gacha and the pink pumpkin next to me is from the Blueberry Hill gacha. My eyes are the Midnight shade of the Hope eyes from Ikon that I previously blogged! (every time i think Ikon couldn’t possibly make a pair of eyes any better they go and do just that! I am so in love with them) Anyway go check out the TRICKY TREATS GACHA EVENT before it ends!

A Dash of this, a Dash of that.

Hi Guys! The Tricky Treat Gacha Event opened today! There are soooooo many cute things! I’ll be blogging more from the event in the coming days, but I really wanted to show you these costumes from Dash of Dulce. I love the vibrant and playful colors that Dash used in her Homemade Costumes that she has at the event. The gacha is only 25L per play and there are many many cute costumes you can get, I am only highlighting a few of my favorites in this post!
The Bacon and Egg costumes are rare, thank you to my future sweetheart Eric for posing with me and being the Bacon to my Egg. I made all the poses myself. My hair is Prue from Chemistry and my new skin is Hyo from [Amitomo]. I’m in love with it and will be blogging it more in depth some time in November. I made my shape myself.
I am moving in rl this coming week so I may be a bit MIA until I get fully moved in! Going to try and get at least one more post in highlighting some costumes that are available and some other items from the Tricky Treat Gacha before Halloween tho! So keep checking back!


Fresh New Look

~MH~ Melissa Fall Outfit - Green
Well guys, after wearing the same skin for years now I finally found a new skin that I love and updated my look. I’m wearing Pink Fuel‘s new Doll V2 skin and it looks amazing. It comes with a load of makeup and applier options, which I won’t use, but if you like to switch to a big person from time to time then that would be perfect for you. It does have some lip gloss tattoos and some dripping eyeliner tattoos that gave me a nice creepy kid look when I went early trick-or-treating at HavenHollow with Eric and Melly. I really just love this skin and its really hard for me to find skins I like. I have done very little to zero editing in these photos in order to try to show you a true idea of what the skin looks like.
Pink Fuel Doll v2
I also got the new Hope eyes from Ikon. I am in love love love with them! I’m wearing the Field Shade but I’m going to be back to pick up other shades soon. My lashes are from *FTL*.
My outfits are ones that I made myself and you can only get on my MP store HERE. I’d been taking a long break from content creation altogether since about January. Some of you know I own the store By Cade on my little boy alt. I’d just gotten a little burnt out and needed the break. I will make a few outfits here and there but in order for me to not get burnt out I’m not going to be having regular releases and may never open an in-world shop. We’ll see how things go tho! Either way I hope you guys like these dresses! They come with the shoes and socks and lace undershirt in 5 different color patterns. My hair is from Truth. The earrings I’m wearing are from the Sirena outfit at Lil Big Me. The Candy necklace cage is from [tea.s] at the Candy Fair. Its going to be a regular fixture in my room. Thank you to my sweetheart for surprising me with it ❤

Falling in to the Past

30s Gal

Hi guys! Lil Big Me is at it once more with some super amazingly cute new fall outfits just released. The Shi Autumn Outfit that I’m wearing for this post is just one of them. The moment I saw it I knew I’d be getting it to show you all. I am a big fan of the styles inspired from fashion of the 30s and this dress and hat combo is definitely just that! I paired the dress, leggings and hat with some shoes from tip toes. My hair is a modded version of the Tram hair that I blogged last week.

Bone Collector

I’d also been wanting to blog this coupe that was a gift from my momma bear from SSD. We got to meet the creator when we were out and about and he was very nice and let me test drive several of his rides. He did a superb job creating these cars with so much detail not only put in to the appearance of the cars, but also the sounds, the menu options and more. He makes an entire series of cars sized down for toddleedoo size avatars. Pretty awesome!


I went to the Small Town Green Sim to take my photos. Its really beautiful isn’t it? The group is free to join and you can rez there after joining it.

Black Dragon_003

Black Dragon_007

Black Dragon_011

The Candy apple Dipper Bar set is from Cheeky Pea at last months round of The Mens Dept. If its not out at CP now, it should be soon enough! The hay bales and candy apple barrel both have poses and the set does have a PG version! I love it! Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!

Black Dragon_006